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Headers Property, SftTree Object

Returns the SftTreeHeaders object.



VB.NETrefHeadersObj = object.Headers As SftTreeHeaders
VBSet refHeadersObj = object.Headers As SftTreeHeaders
C#.NETSftTreeHeaders refHeadersObj = object.Headers;
VC++ISftTreeHeaders* refHeadersObj = object->Headers;
ISftTreeHeaders* refHeadersObj = object->GetHeaders();
CHRESULT object->get_Headers(ISftTreeHeaders** refHeadersObj);


A SftTree object.


Returns the SftTreeHeaders object.


The Headers property returns the SftTreeHeaders object.

The SftTreeHeaders object describes attributes that apply to all column headers in a SftTree/OCX control. Numerous properties and methods can be accessed using the returned object refHeadersObj. A control has only one SftTreeHeaders object.

An individual column's SftTreeHeader object can be accessed through the control's Header property.



        AxSftTree1.BulkUpdate = True

        ' set default item graphic.  This can also be done at design time
        AxSftTree1.Items.ItemImageExpandable.SetImageListH(ItemImageList.Handle.ToInt64(), 0)
        AxSftTree1.Items.ItemImageExpanded.SetImageListH(ItemImageList.Handle.ToInt64(), 1)
        AxSftTree1.Items.ItemImageLeaf.SetImageListH(ItemImageList.Handle.ToInt64(), 2)

        ' set the column header sort indicators
        AxSftTree1.Headers.SortIndicators = SftTreeHeaderSortIndicatorsConstants.headerSortIndicatorsSftTreeAuto
        AxSftTree1.get_Header(0).SortIndicator = SftTreeSortIndicatorConstants.sortIndicatorSftTreeAscending

        Dim R As Random
        R = New Random()

        ' set the cell font for books
        Dim fnt As Font


    With SftTree1
        ' Mass-Update
        .BulkUpdate = True
        ' set default item graphic.  This can also be done at design time
        Set .Items.ItemImageExpandable.Picture = BookClosed.Picture
        Set .Items.ItemImageExpanded.Picture = BookOpen.Picture
        Set .Items.ItemImageLeaf.Picture = Topic.Picture
        ' set the column header sort indicators
        SftTree1.Headers.SortIndicators = headerSortIndicatorsSftTreeAuto
        SftTree1.Header(0).SortIndicator = sortIndicatorSftTreeAscending
        ' set the cell font for books
        Set CellFont = Font
        CellFont.Bold = True
        ' Add all available options
        For Bk = 1 To 4
            ' add a book


            axSftTree1.BulkUpdate = true;

            // set default item graphic.  This can also be done at design time
            axSftTree1.Items.ItemImageExpandable.SetImageListH((long)itemImageList.Handle, 0);
            axSftTree1.Items.ItemImageExpanded.SetImageListH((long)itemImageList.Handle, 1);
            axSftTree1.Items.ItemImageLeaf.SetImageListH((long)itemImageList.Handle, 2);

            // set the column header sort indicators
            axSftTree1.Headers.SortIndicators = SftTreeHeaderSortIndicatorsConstants.headerSortIndicatorsSftTreeAuto;
            axSftTree1.get_Header(0).SortIndicator = SftTreeSortIndicatorConstants.sortIndicatorSftTreeAscending;

            Random random = new Random();

            // set the cell font for books
            Font fnt = new Font(axSftTree1.Font, FontStyle.Bold);
            stdole.IFontDisp pFont = OLECvt.ToIFontDisp(fnt);


    m_vTree->BulkUpdate = VARIANT_TRUE; // Mass update

    // set default item graphic.  This can also be done at design time

    // set the column header sort indicators
	m_vTree->Headers->SortIndicators = headerSortIndicatorsSftTreeAuto;
    m_vTree->Header[0]->SortIndicator = sortIndicatorSftTreeAscending;

    // make a copy of the tree control's font and make a bold
    // font for certain cells
    IFontPtr pFont = m_vTree->GetFont();
    IFontPtr pCellFont;
    HRESULT hr = pFont->Clone(&pCellFont);

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