SftTree/OCX 7.5 - ActiveX Tree Control


AutoCancelDragging Event, SftTree Object

Dragging has been canceled (automatic DragMethod only).


VB.NETPrivate Sub object_AutoCancelDragging(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As EventArgumentType) Handles object.AutoCancelDragging
VBPrivate Sub object_AutoCancelDragging()
C#.NETvoid object_AutoCancelDragging(object sender, EventArgumentType e);
VC++void OnAutoCancelDraggingobject();
CHRESULT OnAutoCancelDraggingobject();


A SftTree object.


The AutoCancelDragging event occurs when dragging has been canceled (automatic DragMethod only).

This event is only available if the DragMethod property is set to dragSftTreeAuto and is suitable for drag & drop within one tree control only. If drag & drop between controls is desired, the container (i.e. Visual Basic, Visual C++, etc.) must implement the necessary drag & drop support (see DragMethod) or OLE drag & drop should be used instead.

This event signals that the drag & drop operation has been aborted. The user can abandon a drag & drop operation by pressing the ESCAPE key.

If the mouse pointer (MousePointer property) was modified during the AutoDragging event, the application must restore the original mouse pointer.

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