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RowColHeaderAppearance Property, SftTree Object

Defines the row/column header's appearance.

Deprecated - Provided for compatibility with earlier versions only - Use RowColumnHeader.Appearance instead



VB.NETStyle = object.RowColHeaderAppearance As SftTreeHeaderAppearanceConstants
VBStyle = object.RowColHeaderAppearance As SftTreeHeaderAppearanceConstants
C#.NETSftTreeHeaderAppearanceConstants Style = object.RowColHeaderAppearance;
VC++enum SftTreeHeaderAppearanceConstants Style = object->RowColHeaderAppearance;
enum SftTreeHeaderAppearanceConstants Style = object->GetRowColHeaderAppearance();
CHRESULT object->get_RowColHeaderAppearance(enum SftTreeHeaderAppearanceConstants* Style);


VB.NETobject.RowColHeaderAppearance = Style As SftTreeHeaderAppearanceConstants
VBobject.RowColHeaderAppearance = Style As SftTreeHeaderAppearanceConstants
C#.NETSftTreeHeaderAppearanceConstants object.RowColHeaderAppearance = Style;
VC++enum SftTreeHeaderAppearanceConstants object->RowColHeaderAppearance = Style;
void object->PutRowColHeaderAppearance(enum SftTreeHeaderAppearanceConstants Style);
CHRESULT object->put_RowColHeaderAppearance(enum SftTreeHeaderAppearanceConstants Style);


A SftTree object.


Defines the row/column header's appearance.

headerSftTreeNone0The row/column header, column headers and row headers are not displayed. The Headers.Appearance and RowHeaders.Appearance properties are set to headerSftTreeNone and rowheaderSftTreeNone.
headerSftTreeButton1Displays the row/column header as a button. The row/column header is displayed as a button, which can be clicked by the user. The status of the row/column header button can be controlled using the RowColumnHeader.Enabled and RowColumnHeader.RemainUp properties. The current button status can be defined using the RowColumnHeader.ButtonDown property.
headerSftTreeText2Displays the row/column header as a title.


Deprecated - Provided for compatibility with earlier versions only - Use RowColumnHeader.Appearance instead

The RowColHeaderAppearance property defines the row/column header's appearance.

The width of the row/column header (and row header area) is defined using the RowHeaders.Width property.

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