SftTree/NET 2.0 - Tree Control for Windows Forms


SftTree/NET 2.0 - Tree Control for Windows Forms

SftTree/NET is a Windows Forms control for .NET, offering easy to use multi-line, multi-column, hierarchical data displays.

Tree Control

SftTree/NET offers many features from simple, graphical list box displays to complex hierarchical data displays:


Any application that you develop can use SftTree/NET royalty-free in run-time mode; design-time features are not available. Each user (developer) who needs access to design-time features must license a copy of SftTree/NET.

Languages Supported

SftTree/NET supports all .NET languages used to create Windows Forms based applications. SftTree/NET does not support Web applications.

Design-Time Environments Supported

SftTree/NET is used with Visual Studio 2005 (and newer). Older versions, such as Visual Studio .NET 2002/2003 are not supported.

Run-Time Environments Supported

SftTree/NET supports the Windows platforms supported by the .NET Framework (Windows 2000 through Windows Vista, 32-bit and 64-bit editions). The .NET Compact Framework is not supported.

Source Code

The source code for this product is optionally available as part of our Enterprise Licensing program. For information about our Enterprise Licensing program, please contact our Sales department.