SftTree/NET 2.0 - Tree Control for Windows Forms


TagObjects Property, CellBaseClass Class

Defines application-specific data.

Class: CellBaseClass
Namespace: Softelvdm.Controls
Assembly: Softelvdm.SftTreeNET


public object[] TagObjects { get; set; }
Public Property TagObjects As Object()


An array of application-specific objects.

The default value is null/Nothing.


Defines application-specific data.

The TagObjects property can be used by an application to attach application-specific data to a cell. Objects stored in the TagObjects property are serialized when cell data is saved/loaded, provided the objects support serialization. The data stored in the TagObjects property is not used by controls in any way.

The CellBaseClass.TagString property can be used to store an additional application-specific string.

The CellBaseClass.TagObject property can be used to access the first element of the TagObjects array.

The GenericPartClass.TagString and GenericPartClass.TagObject properties can be used to store application-specific data with each part (within a cell).

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