SftTree/NET 2.0 - Tree Control for Windows Forms


FindCellTagString Method, SftTree Class

Searches the CellBaseClass.TagString property of cells for a matching string.

Class: SftTree
Namespace: Softelvdm.SftTreeNET
Assembly: Softelvdm.SftTreeNET


public CellClass FindCellTagString(
    string Text,
    bool CompleteMatch,
    bool IgnoreCase,
    bool Wrap,
    ItemClass StartItem,
    int ColumnIndex,
    bool DepthScan,
    bool VisibleOnly );
Public Function FindCellTagString(
    ByVal Text As String,
    ByVal CompleteMatch As Boolean,
    ByVal IgnoreCase As Boolean,
    ByVal Wrap As Boolean,
    ByVal StartItem As ItemClass,
    ByVal ColumnIndex As Integer,
    ByVal DepthScan As Boolean,
    ByVal VisibleOnly As Boolean
  ) As CellClass



Defines the text to find.


Defines whether the string Text must match completely (True), otherwise False and the string Text matches if the cell's CellBaseClass.TagString property starts with the same text.


Defines whether the string comparison is case sensitive (False), otherwise True.


Defines whether the search wraps around at the end of the items and resumes at the first item (True), otherwise False.


Defines the item where the search starts (including).


The zero-based column index of the column to be searched. Only one column can be searched.


Defines whether all items (including dependent items, starting with the item StartItem) are searched (True), otherwise False and only sibling items of the starting item (StartItem) are searched.


Defines whether only visible items are searched (True), otherwise False and all items (even items whose parents are collapsed) are searched.

Return Value

The cell where the first match is found or null/Nothing if no match was found.


Searches the CellBaseClass.TagString property of cells for a matching string.

The FindCellTagString method searches all cells in column ColumnIndex, starting at the item defined by StartItem for the text (Text) in each cell's CellBaseClass.TagString property.

The SftTree.FindItemTagObject, SftTree.FindItemTagString, SftTree.FindCellTagObject methods perform a similar function to search items' and cells' TagObjects and TagString properties. The SftTree.FindText property searches for a matching string in the CellBaseClass.Text property.

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