SftTree/NET 2.0 - Tree Control for Windows Forms


GridVerticalColor Property, SftTree Class

Defines the color used for vertical grid lines.

Class: SftTree
Namespace: Softelvdm.SftTreeNET
Assembly: Softelvdm.SftTreeNET


public Color GridVerticalColor { get; set; }
Public Property GridVerticalColor As Color


The grid lines color.

The default value is Color.Control.


Defines the color used for vertical grid lines.

The grid lines styles default for all cells is defined using the control's SftTree.GridLines property. Columns can override the default for cells in one column using the ColumnClass.GridLines property. In turn, cells can override that default using the CellClass.GridLines property.

Grid lines colors can be defined using the SftTree.GridHorizontalColor and GridVerticalColor properties.

SftTree.GridLinesPen defines the pen style used to draw grid lines.

Grid lines are only used in the item area.

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