SftTabs/OCX 6.5 - ActiveX Tab Control
Tab Control for VB6
Great tab control for Visual Basic 6. Now with 75 fully customizable tab control styles, complete design-time support and features galore!
Published by Softel vdm, Inc. - 09/13/2015

SftTabs/OCX 6.5 Support

We are currently shipping SftTabs/OCX 6.53.

Frequently Asked Questions

Product Information

Demo Has Expired
VB6 and Frames, Buttons, Checkboxes, Radiobutton Controls


Windows 10
Windows 8
At least SftTabs/OCX 6.53 is required for Windows 10 & 11 support. Older versions, such as SftTabs/OCX 6.52, will not work on Windows 10.
At least SftTabs/OCX 6.51 is required for Windows 8 support. Older versions, such as SftTabs/OCX 6.50, will not work on Windows 8.

SftTabs/OCX 6.5 Updates

Version 6.53:

  • Windows 10 support.

Version 6.52:

  • Enhancement: Frames, Buttons, Radio Buttons and Checkboxes, improved support
  • The  "Misc" property category showed some properties which have now been assigned to the correct Appearance and Behavior categories.

Version 6.51:

  • Windows 8 support.
  • The documentation listed an incorrect CLSID in the topic "Upgrading to SftTabs/OCX 6.5", which has been corrected to read:
    Object={919B661B-D0B2-4961-B128-D7C32DF3B10C}#6.5#0; SftTabs_IX86_U_65.ocx

Version 6.50:

  • Initial product release.

Scheduled Product Updates

The following changes have been implemented and are currently available via hotfix (above) and will be available in the next version.

Version 6.54:

  • None.

In The Works

We are working on the following items, which will be available soon (within a few days to a month).

  • None.

*) Research Only indicates that these items are currently being reviewed to determine an appropriate course of action. No commitment has been made to offer/implement such new features.