Product Support

With your purchase, you receive 1 full year of free product support by support tickets, email and telephone. There is no additional charge for this Annual Support Subscription. It's included in your purchase price.

Annual Support Subscription

Your Annual Support Subscription includes these benefits:

  • all major, new releases free of charge
  • free maintenance releases and other product updates
  • free hotfixes
  • free product support

To check your license's support subscription, make sure to set up an account here and add all your licenses. This gives you easy access to all your downloads, license keys, hotfixes, support subscription status, etc.

Subscription Renewal

After one year, your support subscription can be renewed at just $99 (or $299 for a product bundle), so you'll continue to receive free support, free updates and all new versions.

If the subscription is not renewed at its expiration date and has lapsed, you will have to purchase the product to receive a new support subscription, along with all the associated benefits.

We will send reminders to the same email address used to purchase the product, to remind you of any upcoming renewals. The support subscription status can be reviewed by logging into your account here.

Support Contacts

Support Tickets


(941) 505-8600 x2

Product Support Pages

Product specific support information is accessible from each product's main page. Simply select the product from the links along the right side of this page to visit the product's main page. Once there, click on the "Support" tab along the top of the page.