Our Products

Choose from these products that our customers consistently rate most feature-complete and well documented.

DLL-Based Controls

Our DLL-based controls are designed specifically for use with C and C++, with extreme performance in mind. They are a great choice for the performance-minded application, where every bit counts.

These controls are available for 32-bit and 64-bit development with Visual Studio 6, 2002 through 2017 (C and unmanaged C++, optionally with MFC).

Our print preview control with built-in support for application-generated output, RichEdit controls and SftTree/DLL. Use it for all your C and C++/MFC applications!
A great tab control for C and C++ with 75 customizable tab control styles. Add tabbed dialogs and tabbed windows to your C and C++ applications with ease, with this hot product.
Fastest and most feature-complete tree control around. Use this tree control for all your hierarchical data display needs, or as a list box replacement with multiple columns, printing/print preview support and even virtual mode for flat lists.
ActiveX Controls

Most of our ActiveX controls fully support .NET, Visual Studio 6, 2005 through 2017 and many languages, such as a C#, C++, VB, VB.NET and many other development tools, like Delphi, Access. Each product supports Windows 2000 through Windows 10 and is of course completely royalty-free.

Our new ActiveX combo box. Its speed and features are unsurpassed! Use it with .NET, Visual Basic, Visual C++, Internet Explorer and more.
ActiveX button control with several button styles, two images, gradient fill, single or multiple text lines, drop down button, auto-repeat, hover events and many more features.
A great control for all your file and folder views in your applications, similar to Windows Explorer, with many features not usually found in file and folder controls based on Microsoft technologies.
Our ActiveX masked edit control - Handles numeric input, date/time input, masked input, spin edit and has a built-in popup calendar and popup calculator.
Manage all your application options with this easy to use control. This product offers a complete user interface and Registry or INI file access so you can add that professional "touch" to your applications with minimal effort.
Use this ActiveX print preview control to easily print and preview output created using SftTree/OCX, RichEdit controls and your application!
Great tab control for Visual Basic 6. Now with 75 fully customizable tab control styles, complete design-time support and features galore!
ActiveX tree control with multi-column, multiple selection support for all your hierarchical data display needs. Combines features found in TreeView, ListView and Grid controls!
.NET Controls
Controls implemented using 100% .NET CLR.
Our tree control for .NET with many grid-like features, item and cell selection, cell merging, cell editing, images, checkboxes, radiobuttons, buttons, dropdown buttons, progressbars and much, much more.

Why Choose Us?

We develop and publish programmer productivity tools for Windows programmers and specialize in .NET, ActiveX and DLL-based controls and development tools for the professional Windows programmer. We have been serving the Windows community world-wide since 1994. Our ActiveX, DLL and .NET controls are continually rated the best Windows controls by our customers, with the most complete documentation and support available.

Are you comparing products and component vendors? Take a look at what we offer and compare. Make sure to consider the cost and availability of support, maintenance and updates!

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