SftBox/OCX 5.0 - ActiveX Combo Box Control
Activex Multi-Column Combo Box Control
Our ActiveX combo box control with speed and features that are unsurpassed! Use it with C#, VB.NET, Visual Basic, Visual C++ and more.
Published by Softel vdm, Inc. - 10/25/2019

SftBox/OCX 5.0 Support

The current release is SftBox/OCX 5.08.

Product Information

Demo Has Expired
.NET, Event Handlers & Debugging
.NET & Dynamically Created Controls
Marshaler Warnings - Visual Studio 2005/2008
Converting from VB6 to VB.NET
About Visual FoxPro

Windows & Visual Studio

At least SftBox/OCX 5.08 is required for Windows 11 support.
At least SftBox/OCX 5.06 is required for Windows 10 support.
At least SftBox/OCX 5.05 is required for Windows 8.1 support.
At least SftBox/OCX 5.02 is required for Windows 8 support - 5.03 is recommended. Older versions, such as SftBox/OCX 5.01, will not work on Windows 8.
At least SftBox/OCX 4.54 or 5.00 is required for Windows 7 support. Older versions, such as SftBox/OCX 4.53, will not work on Windows 7.
SftBox/OCX 5.08 is required for Visual Studio 2019 support.
SftBox/OCX 5.07 is required for Visual Studio 2017 support.
SftBox/OCX 5.06 is required for Visual Studio 2015 support.
SftBox/OCX 5.04 is required for Visual Studio 2013 support.
SftBox/OCX 5.03 is required for Visual Studio 2012 support.
SftBox/OCX 5.00 is required for Visual Studio 2010 support.

SftBox/OCX 5.0 Updates

Version 5.08:

  • Samples for Visual Studio 2019.

Version 5.07:

  • Samples for Visual Studio 2015 and 2017.
  • No longer provides help documentation integrated with development tools in various custom formats - instead documentation is located at https://softelvdm.com/Documentation/SftBox OCX 5 0, which allows for continuous documentation updates without the need to release a new product version. Web access is required to access the product documentation.

Version 5.06:

  • Windows 10 support.
  • Visual Studio 2015 support.

Version 5.05:

  • Windows 8.1 support.

Version 5.04:

  • When using the character search mode (see CharSearchMode property), the edit portion wouldn't reflect selection changes.
  • Visual Studio 2013 support.

Version 5.03:

  • Additional installation-related Windows 8 support.
  • Visual Studio 2012 support.
  • The NETImageObject property now also works correctly with .NET 4 and above.

Version 5.02:

  • Windows 8 support.

Version 5.01:

  • VS2010: When viewing an HTML page with SftBox/OCX in design mode, an exception occurs.
  • KeyDown/KeyPress/KeyUp events could fire twice for each key pressed.
  • Erroneous unregistration error messages during product installation (for x64 product components).

Version 5.00:

  • Initial product release.

Scheduled Product Updates

The following changes have been implemented and are currently available via hotfix (above) and will be available in the next version.

Version 5.08:

  • None.

In The Works

We are working on the following items, which will be available soon (within a few days to a month).

  • None.

*) Research Only indicates that these items are currently being reviewed to determine an appropriate course of action. No commitment has been made to offer/implement such new features.