SftBox/OCX 5.0 - Combo Box Control


SftBox/OCX 5.0 Product Documentation

SftBox/OCX is an ActiveX control for the Windows™ operating system, offering many advanced combo box features not found in the standard Windows combo box control.

Combo Box Control

SftBox/OCX offers many unique features, which simplify the use of a combo box in an application. SftBox/OCX can be used as simple replacement for a standard combo box or as drop/down grid-like control with multiple columns.

  • Fixed or variable height items
  • True multi-column support
  • Hierarchical item display
  • Column headers (with images)
  • Resizable and reorderable columns
  • Individual column colors
  • OLE drag & drop
  • Auto-complete feature for text entered
  • Single and/or multiple text lines per cell with word wrap
  • Individual cell pictures
  • Individual cell fore-/background colors
  • Individual cell fonts
  • Fixed width or open ended last column
  • Row headers (with pictures)
  • Row/column header (with pictures)
  • Selectable column alignment (left, right, center)
  • Sorting
  • Lists font names, styles and sizes
  • Dual interfaces throughout for optimum performance
  • ATL based control, no MFC DLLs or other DLLs required
  • No predefined maximum number of items (limited only by acceptable load time and virtual memory)


Any application that you develop can use SftBox/OCX royalty-free in run-time only mode; design-time features are not available. Each user (developer) who needs access to design-time and compile-time features must license a copy of SftBox/OCX.

Source Code

The source code for the control and property pages (written in Microsoft Visual C++ using the ATL framework) is optionally available under our Enterprise Licensing program. Any application that you develop can use SftBox/OCX royalty-free (some restrictions apply), as long as only the redistributable files are shipped with your application.

Languages Supported

SftBox/OCX supports all popular ActiveX (OCX) platforms, such as Visual Studio .NET, Visual Basic, Visual C++ and many more. Feature limitations may exist depending on the platform used. These are generally caused by the platform, rather than our control product, which implements the current ActiveX control standards specifications.

Environments Supported

SftBox/OCX supports Windows 2000 through Windows 10 including their server editions using the same set of properties, events and methods.

UNICODE support is available for all platforms.

Windows 98 and Windows ME are no longer supported. For support of these platforms, SftBox/OCX 4.5 must be used instead.

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