SftOptions 1.0 Support

This product has been discontinued. End of life/support is scheduled for 12/31/2018.


Product Information

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.NET, Event Handlers & Debugging
.NET & Dynamically Created Controls
Stdole Duplicate Reference - Visual Studio 2010
Marshaler Warnings - Visual Studio 2005/2008
Converting from VB6 to VB.NET
About Visual FoxPro

SftOptions 1.0 Updates

Version 1.07:

  • Enhancement: Support for Windows 7 has been added.
  • Enhancement: The setup application now adds the controls to the Visual Studio 2003-2008 toolbox.

Version 1.06:

  • Microsoft Excel: Using the Zoom property on the parent form would incorrectly resize the control.
  • Unloading a form/dialog while handling any of the control's ActiveX events could result in a program exception.
  • Corrects a memory overlay (usually exhibited as spurious property page errors, particularly noticed on VB6) caused by an internal property page component used at design-time.
  • Changes to installer to make the need to reboot even more obvious (it was skipped occasionally by particularly impatient individuals :-)
  • Changes to installer for additional Vista issues.

Version 1.05:

  • Minor updates to setup application, license manager application and inclusion of a control registration utility (similar to Regsvr32) to better handle UAC on Windows Vista.

Version 1.04:

  • Support for Windows Vista and Visual Studio 2005 has been added.

Version 1.03:

  • Minor change to installation procedure.

Version 1.02:

  • Visual Studio .NET 2003 support.

Version 1.01:

  • When using Access and disabling/enabling the control, it could appear in the wrong location.  Changing the control size would only be saved if another control property was also changed.
  • The Syntax filter required Internet Explorer 6.  Otherwise, the syntax for all languages was shown regardless of the selected language.
  • Changes to help file and installation procedure.

Version 1.00a:

  • Under certain circumstances, the combo box used in the property pages would not be rendered correctly when displayed the first time (Windows 95/98/ME only).

Version 1.00:

  • Initial product release.