SftTree/DLL 7.5 - Tree Control


Product Description

SftTree/DLL is a tree control for the Windows™ operating system, offering multi-line, multi-column, hierarchical data displays for applications written using C, C++ and MFC.

SftTree/DLL Control

Tree Components

SftTree/DLL offers many features from simple, graphical list box displays to complex hierarchical data displays:

Source Code

The source code for the MFC C++ classes for tree control access is supplied. Any application that you develop as a licensed user can use SftTree/DLL royalty-free (some restrictions apply), as long as only the DLL is shipped with your application.

Languages Supported

SftTree/DLL supports C, C++ and other languages when using direct calls to the DLL. SftTree/DLL can be called using the definitions provided in the supplied header file. SftTree/DLL is shipped with class definitions which support the Microsoft Foundation Class Library (MFC).

Environments Supported

Processor support depends on the installed and purchased product versions.

  • 32-bit applications on Windows Windows 2000 through Windows 10 and all server editions
  • 64-bit support when running Windows XP x64 through Windows 10 x64 and all server editions with AMD 64-bit processors or Intel 64-bit processors

UNICODE support is available for all platforms.

The product supports the same easy to use API on all platforms.

Windows 98 and Windows ME are not supported by this version. For support of these platforms, SftTree/DLL 6.0 must be used instead.


Any application that you develop can use SftTree/DLL royalty-free in run-time only mode; design-time features are not available. Each user (developer) who needs access to any portion of the product must license a copy of SftTree/DLL.