SftTree/DLL 7.5 Documentation


Content Windows

Each cell can contain a child window. This child window becomes the content for the cell and is displayed in its place. Possible examples of such content windows are Flash controls, Windows Media Player, Web Browser controls, dialogs, etc. Almost any type of control or window can be used provided it can be represented by a window handle HWND. SftTree/DLL automatically resizes, hides and disables content windows as needed.

A cell receives a content window by assigning its window handle to the hwndCell member of the SFTTREE_CELL structure using GetCellInfo/SetCellInfo. The flag2 member of the SFTTREE_CELL structure can be used to control resizing and disabling of the content window using the SFTTREECELL_CONTENT_KEEPSIZE and SFTTREECELL_CONTENT_DISABLE values.

The included ContentWindows sample demonstrates how various controls and dialogs can be embedded in the tree control.

Limitations: Tooltips are not shown for cells based on a content window and content windows will not be printed when SftTree/DLL is used with SftPrintPreview/DLL. Excessive use of content windows may exhaust available system resources.