SftTree/DLL 7.5 Documentation


Column Headers

The optional column header is available for single- and multi-column trees, with labeled buttons or just titles. The header text is defined using the SetHeader function. Each header or button label may be left or right justified or centered within the column boundaries. Column header attributes are defined using the SetColumns function. Column headers can contain a single or multiple lines of text and a picture.

All pictures must be the same height and width for all column headers.

If a user clicks on a column header, the application receives a SFTTREEN_LBUTTONDOWN_COLUMN_HEADER notification.

If the resizing area of a column header is double-clicked, a SFTTREEN_LBUTTONDBLCLK_COLUMNRES notification is generated. The application could resize the column using MakeColumnOptimal in response to the notification.

Only one column header button can be in the pressed position at any one time.

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