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Column Headers

The optional column header is available for single- and multi-column combo box controls, with labeled buttons or just titles (see Headers.Style). The column header can be displayed as part of the static portion (or edit control portion) using the Headers.Main property and can be displayed as part of the drop down portion using the Headers.DropDown property.

Each header or button label may be left or right justified or centered within the column boundaries. Each column header can contain a single line of text and a picture.

The built-in column headers offered by SftBox/OCX support one single line of text for each column and one picture for each column. All pictures must be the same height and width for all columns.

Only one column header button can be in the pressed position at any one time.

Each SftBoxHeader object represents one column's header in a SftBox/OCX control. A SftBoxHeader object for a particular column can be accessed through the control's Header property.

The SftBoxHeaders object describes all column headers and their (default) attributes. The SftBoxHeaders object can be accessed through the control's Headers property. A control has only one SftBoxHeaders object.

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