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SftBoxHeaders.Main Property

Defines the visibility of the headers in the static/edit control portion.



VB.NETBoolean = object.Main As Boolean
VBBoolean = object.Main As Boolean
C#.NETbool Boolean = object.Main;
VC++VARIANT_BOOL Boolean = object->Main;
VARIANT_BOOL Boolean = object->GetMain();
CHRESULT object->get_Main(VARIANT_BOOL* Boolean);


VB.NETobject.Main = Boolean As Boolean
VBobject.Main = Boolean As Boolean
C#.NETbool object.Main = Boolean;
VC++VARIANT_BOOL object->Main = Boolean;
void object->PutMain(VARIANT_BOOL Boolean);
CHRESULT object->put_Main(VARIANT_BOOL Boolean);


A SftBoxHeaders object.


Defines the visibility of the headers in the static/edit control portion.

TrueThe column headers are displayed as part of the static portion (edit control portion).
FalseThe column headers are not displayed as part of the static portion (edit control portion).


The Main property defines the visibility of the headers in the static/edit control portion.

The Headers.DropDown property can be used to define headers for the drop down portion.

It is possible to display headers in both the static portion and drop down portion, this is however not usually recommended.



    End If
End Sub

Private Sub condHeaders_CheckedChanged(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles condHeaders.CheckedChanged
    ' if this event occurs during form initialization, the activeX control
    ' may not yet be initialized completely, so we have to check for GetOcx()
    If Not fontNames.GetOcx() Is Nothing Then
        If condHeaders.Checked Then
            fontNames.Headers.Main = True
            fontNames.Headers.DropDown = False
            fontStyles.Headers.Main = True
            fontStyles.Headers.DropDown = False
            fontSizes.Headers.Main = True
            fontSizes.Headers.DropDown = False
            fontNames.Headers.Main = False


End Sub

Private Sub Command1_Click()
    Unload Form1
End Sub

Private Sub CondHeaders_Click()
    If CondHeaders.Value = 0 Then
        FontNames.Headers.Main = False
        FontNames.Headers.DropDown = True
        FontStyles.Headers.Main = False
        FontStyles.Headers.DropDown = True
        FontSizes.Headers.Main = False
        FontSizes.Headers.DropDown = True
        FontNames.Headers.Main = True


        sampleText.Font = new Font(fontNames.Edit.Text, Convert.ToSingle(fontSizes.Edit.Text), style);
    } else
        sampleText.Text = "";

private void condHeaders_CheckedChanged(object sender, System.EventArgs e)
    if (condHeaders.Checked) {
        fontNames.Headers.Main = true;
        fontNames.Headers.DropDown = false;
        fontStyles.Headers.Main = true;
        fontStyles.Headers.DropDown = false;
        fontSizes.Headers.Main = true;
        fontSizes.Headers.DropDown = false;
    } else {
        fontNames.Headers.Main = false;


void CFontDlgDlg::OnCondheaders()
    ISftBoxPtr vFontNames = m_FontNames.GetControlUnknown();
    ISftBoxPtr vFontStyles = m_FontStyles.GetControlUnknown();
    ISftBoxPtr vFontSizes = m_FontSizes.GetControlUnknown();

    if (m_CondHeaders.GetCheck()) {
        vFontNames->Headers->Main = VARIANT_TRUE;
        vFontNames->Headers->DropDown = VARIANT_FALSE;
        vFontStyles->Headers->Main = VARIANT_TRUE;
        vFontStyles->Headers->DropDown = VARIANT_FALSE;
        vFontSizes->Headers->Main = VARIANT_TRUE;
        vFontSizes->Headers->DropDown = VARIANT_FALSE;
    } else {
        vFontNames->Headers->Main = VARIANT_FALSE;
        vFontNames->Headers->DropDown = VARIANT_TRUE;

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