SftBox/OCX 5.0 Documentation


Edit Control Portion

A simple combo box or a drop down combo box both use an edit control to display the selected item. The text of the first display column or the column defined by the DropDown.CharSearchColumn property is shown in the edit control. The edit control will always show the contents of one column only, even if a combo box has multiple columns. As the user reorders columns, the new first display column text is shown in the edit control unless the DropDown.CharSearchColumn property defines a specific column.

Attributes of the edit control portion can be defined using the SftBoxEdit object.

As the user enters text in the edit control, the selected item index is updated. The behavior of the control, matching typed input with cell text, is controlled using the DropDown.CharSearchMode property. Auto completion of text entered is only available if the column defined by DropDown.CharSearchColumn allows one single line of text only (see Column.CellMultiline).

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