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Row Headers

The optional row headers are available for single- and multi-column combo box controls, with labeled buttons or just titles. The header or button labels may be left or right justified or centered within the available width. Row headers can contain pictures.

The built-in row headers offered by SftBox/OCX support one single line of text for each item and one picture for each item.

In a fixed height combo box all pictures must be the same height and width for all items. In a variable height combo box, the row header pictures can be of varying heights and widths.

Only one row header button can be in the pressed position at any one time, as it reflects the currently selected item.

The SftBoxRowHeader object represents one item's row header in a SftBox/OCX control. A SftBoxRowHeader object for a particular item can be accessed through an item's Item.RowHeader property. An item is defined by the SftBoxItem object.

The SftBoxRowHeaders object describes all row headers and their (default) attributes. The SftBoxRowHeaders object can be accessed through the control's RowHeaders property. A control has only one SftBoxRowHeaders object.

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