SftTree/NET 2.0 - Tree Control for Windows Forms


AutoScrollInterval Property, SftTree Class

Defines the interval for horizontal and vertical scrolling.

Class: SftTree
Namespace: Softelvdm.SftTreeNET
Assembly: Softelvdm.SftTreeNET


public int AutoScrollInterval { get; set; }
Public Property AutoScrollInterval As Integer


The auto scroll interval in milliseconds. The minimum value is 50.

The default value is 100.


Defines the interval for horizontal and vertical scrolling.

While resizing or reordering columns and during drag & drop operations, the contents of the item area may need to be scrolled. The SftTree.AutoScrollStartInterval determines the delay after which scrolling starts once the cursor is within the area that causes horizontal or vertical scrolling.

The DimensionsClass.AutoVScrollMargin and DimensionsClass.AutoHScrollMargin properties determine the area where scrolling is initiated.

Once scrolling has started and the cursor remains within the area, the AutoScrollInterval property determines the interval of subsequent item scrolling.

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