SftTree/NET 2.0 - Tree Control for Windows Forms



SftTree/NET includes sample code for both C# and VB.

All sample code given in the Example section of a property, method or event applies to C# and Visual Basic unless noted. The code samples usually assume that a tree control has been added to a form. All relevant properties, even properties that could be set at design-time using the Properties window, are set at run-time to show any dependencies.

The following samples can be found in the folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Softelvdm\SftTree NET 2.0\Samples:

C# SampleVB SampleDescription
DemoSampleDemoSampleShows an overview of the tree control's features.
DragDropDragDropDemonstrates copying/moving items within the same and between two tree controls using drag & drop.
EventViewerEventViewerInspects events generated by the tree control.
ExploreAssemblyExploreAssemblyShows dynamic loading ("load as you go") of the tree control.
XMLPropsXMLPropsShows options using checkboxes and radiobuttons, created using an XML document.

These samples are referenced throughout our help topics:

C# SampleVB SampleDescription
MergeSample1MergeSample1Demonstrates vertical and horizontal cell merging (MergeStyle = EmptyCells), cell images, rotated text in row headers and column headers.
MergeSample2MergeSample2Demonstrates vertical and horizontal cell merging (MergeStyle = SameText).
EditSample1EditSample1Demonstrates cell editing with edit controls and combo boxes.
CategorySample1CategorySample1Shows how to implement a simple toolbox-like category list.
DragDropSample1DragDropSample1Demonstrates drag & drop within the tree control, dragging data to a textbox and dropping data on the tree control from File Explorer.
PartsSample1PartsSample1Demonstrates how to add the various parts to cells, like checkboxes, images, progressbars, buttons, dropdown buttons, how to handle events and cell orientation.
PartsSample2PartsSample2Demonstrates how to add items and child items, with checkboxes and radiobuttons.
PartsSample3PartsSample3Demonstrates cell images, cell tags, column reordering, sorting and sorting indicators in column headers.