SftTree/NET 2.0 - Tree Control for Windows Forms


Drag & Drop

SftTree/NET has full support for drag & drop as offered by controls using the SftTree.AllowDrop property. The SftTree.DragStyle property controls whether the control generates the DragDetected event. Drag & drop is never automatic and must be initiated by the application, usually in the DragDetected event using the Control.DoDragDrop method.

While handling the control's DragEnter, DragOver and DragDrop events, a default drop target is provided by the control automatically in the SftTree.DropTarget property. An application can override the default drop target while handling these events.

The SftTree.AutoExpandDragDrop property defines whether items are automatically expanded during a drag & drop operation, when the mouse cursor hovers over an item for an extended period of time (SftTree.DragDropHoverInterval).

The DimensionsClass.AutoHScrollMargin and DimensionsClass.AutoVScrollMargin properties control the area where vertical and horizontal scrolling starts automatically during drag & drop operations.