SftTree/NET 2.0 - Tree Control for Windows Forms


Offset Property, SplitterClass Class

Defines the horizontal offset of the splitter bar.

Class: SplitterClass
Namespace: Softelvdm.SftTreeNET
Assembly: Softelvdm.SftTreeNET


public int Offset { get; set; }
Public Property Offset As Integer


The horizontal offset of the splitter bar. If the offset specified falls outside of the client area, the splitter bar is aligned with the left or right edge, whichever is closer to the offset specified.

The default value is 100.


Defines the horizontal offset of the splitter bar.

The SplitterClass.Visible property is used to define a splitter bar.

SplitterClass.MakeOptimal can be used to position the splitter bar optimally, so the left pane can display as much data as possible without a horizontal scroll bar (based on the left pane's SftTree.HorizontalExtent property).

The coordinates of the splitter bar can be retrieved using the SplitterClass.Area property. The SplitterClass.Width property is used to change the width of the splitter bar.

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