SftTree/NET 2.0 Documentation


Column Footers

Optional column footers are available for single- and multi-column trees. Column footers consist of one or multiple rows of cells. Individual cells within the column footers can be accessed using the FootersClass.Item property. Languages supporting indexers can use array syntax, usually Footers[] or Footers().

The FootersClass class describes attributes that apply to all footers in a SftTree/NET control. It is accessed using the SftTree.Footers property.

Cells within column footers offer all the cell properties and can contain zero, one or several parts, such as text, images, buttons, checkboxes, radiobuttons, progressbars, and more. The Footers.SortIndicatorPositionDefault property is used to define the position of optional sort indicators. The actual display of the sorting indicator is defined individually for each cell using the cell's CellBaseClass.SortStatus property. By using cell merging within column footers, cells can be merged vertically and/or horizontally.

Cells in column footers usually are defined to look like buttons or headers using the FootersClass.AppearanceDefault property.

Column footers support optional column resizing and column reordering.

If a user clicks on a column footer, the ItemClick or ItemDoubleClick events occur. In addition to the ItemClick event, the properties FootersClass.LastClicked, FootersClass.ClickedRow and FootersClass.ClickedColumn are useful to determine the footer clicked.

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