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HorizontalOffsetPix Property, SftTreeItems Object

Defines the current horizontal scrolling offset.



VB.NETOffsetPix = object.HorizontalOffsetPix As Integer
VBOffsetPix = object.HorizontalOffsetPix As Long
C#.NETint OffsetPix = object.HorizontalOffsetPix;
VC++long OffsetPix = object->HorizontalOffsetPix;
long OffsetPix = object->GetHorizontalOffsetPix();
CHRESULT object->get_HorizontalOffsetPix(long* OffsetPix);


VB.NETobject.HorizontalOffsetPix = OffsetPix As Integer
VBobject.HorizontalOffsetPix = OffsetPix As Long
C#.NETint object.HorizontalOffsetPix = OffsetPix;
VC++long object->HorizontalOffsetPix = OffsetPix;
void object->PutHorizontalOffsetPix(long OffsetPix);
CHRESULT object->put_HorizontalOffsetPix(long OffsetPix);


A SftTreeItems object.


Defines the current horizontal scrolling offset in pixels. If this value is greater than the Items.HorizontalExtent property, the value is adjusted to scroll to the rightmost position.


The HorizontalOffsetPix property defines the current horizontal scrolling offset.

The Items.HorizontalOffset and HorizontalOffsetPix methods are synonyms, but may use different coordinate systems.

A tree control's displayable area can be wider than the tree control's window width. If the displayable area is wider, the tree control can be scrolled horizontally if it has a horizontal scroll bar (see Scrollbars property). The current offset determines the amount of horizontal scrolling.

The Items.HorizontalOffset property defines the horizontal scrolling offset of the displayable area (or the left pane of a split tree control).

The Items.HorizontalOffset2 property defines the horizontal scrolling offset of the displayable area in the right pane of a split tree control. The Items.HorizontalOffset2 property can only be used with a split tree control.

A tree control can only be scrolled horizontally if its displayable area (see Items.HorizontalExtent property) is wider than the tree control window.

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