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A SftTree/OCX tree control can define multiple columns (see ColumnsObj.Count), each with its individual text alignment (see Column.CellHAlign and Column.CellVAlign). A tree control can also define a header with titles, each with its individual text alignment. Columns can be resized by the user without application program intervention (unless disabled by the application). By dragging the separator between titles (or buttons), users can adjust column widths to their particular needs. An application could save these column widths in an INI file or the registry for future use.

Each column has a defined width (see Column.Width). The last column can be defined as an open-ended column using the ColumnsObj.OpenEnded property.

Using the ColumnsObj.OpenEnded property, the last displayed column can be defined as open-ended, which is the default if the application doesn't define any columns. An open-ended last column will display the complete text and graphics specified for the last (or only) column and never truncate any data. A fixed-width last column is defined with a specified width (see Column.Width) and any data which doesn't fit is truncated.

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