SftTree/OCX 7.5 - ActiveX Tree Control


AutoEndDragging Event, SftTree Object

Dragging has ended (automatic DragMethod only).


VB.NETPrivate Sub object_AutoEndDragging(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As EventArgumentType) Handles object.AutoEndDragging
VBPrivate Sub object_AutoEndDragging(ByVal ItemIndex As Long, ByVal Button As Integer, ByVal Shift As Integer, ByVal Allowed As Boolean)
C#.NETvoid object_AutoEndDragging(object sender, EventArgumentType e);
VC++void OnAutoEndDraggingobject(long ItemIndex, short Button, short Shift, VARIANT_BOOL Allowed);
CHRESULT OnAutoEndDraggingobject(long ItemIndex, short Button, short Shift, VARIANT_BOOL Allowed);


A SftTree object.


The zero-based index where the current drop target is located (see Items.DropHighlight or Items.Current). This value may be -1 if there is no current drop target.


The button that is pressed during the event (see SftTreeButtonConstants). The button argument is a bit field with bits corresponding to the left button, right button and middle button. These bits correspond to the values shown below. Only one of the bits is set, indicating the button that caused the event.

constSftTreeLeftButton1The left mouse button was pressed.
constSftTreeRightButton2The right mouse button was pressed.
constSftTreeMiddleButton4The middle mouse button was pressed.


The state of the SHIFT, CONTROL and ALT keys during the event (see SftTreeKeyConstants). A bit is set if the key is down. The Shift argument is a bit field with bits corresponding to the SHIFT, CONTROL and ALT keys. The Shift variable indicates the state of these keys. Some, all, or none of the bits can be set, indicating which of the keys are pressed.

constSftTreeShiftMask1The SHIFT key was pressed.
constSftTreeCtrlMask2The CONTROL key was pressed.
constSftTreeAltMask4The ALT key was pressed.


Contains the value last set by the AutoDragging event.


The AutoEndDragging event occurs when dragging has ended (automatic DragMethod only).

This event is only available if the DragMethod property is set to dragSftTreeAuto and is suitable for drag & drop within one tree control only. If drag & drop between controls is desired, the container (i.e. Visual Basic, Visual C++, etc.) must implement the necessary drag & drop support (see DragMethod) or OLE drag & drop should be used instead.

This event signals that the user has dropped the selected item(s) at the item described by ItemIndex. The application can now move or copy items (using Items.Move or Items.Copy) as needed to reflect the drag & drop operation.

If the mouse pointer (MousePointer property) was modified during the AutoDragging event, the application must restore the original mouse pointer.

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