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Tool Tips

If the text or graphic components in a cell are only partially visible, a Tool Tip may be displayed if the mouse cursor rests above the partially displayed area. The Tool Tip window then displays the complete cell text and cell graphic by extending the cell and overlaying adjacent windows. Once the mouse cursor is moved away from the cell, the Tool Tip disappears.

Tool Tips are enabled for each column individually (see Column.ToolTip). It is also possible to display Tool Tips even if the cells are already completely visible (see Items.ToolTipAlways property). The size of Tool Tips when grid lines are used can be defined using the Items.ToolTipsUseEntireCell property. The background bitmap is not used when displaying cell Tool Tips.

An application can override the text displayed using the ToolTipCell event.

An application can provide Tool Tip text for a column header using the ToolTipColumnHeader event. Tool Tip text for a column footer is defined using the ToolTipColumnFooter event.

The delay after which Tool Tips are displayed and hidden can be defined using the Items.ToolTipIntervalOn and Items.ToolTipIntervalOff properties.

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