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PlusMinusImageLeaf Property, SftTreeItems Object

Defines the graphic used to display a leaf item's plus/minus graphic.



VB.NETrefImageObj = object.PlusMinusImageLeaf As SftPictureObject
VBSet refImageObj = object.PlusMinusImageLeaf As SftPictureObject
C#.NETSftPictureObject refImageObj = object.PlusMinusImageLeaf;
VC++ISftPictureObject* refImageObj = object->PlusMinusImageLeaf;
ISftPictureObject* refImageObj = object->GetPlusMinusImageLeaf();
CHRESULT object->get_PlusMinusImageLeaf(ISftPictureObject** refImageObj);


VB.NETobject.PlusMinusImageLeaf = refImageObj As SftPictureObject
VBobject.PlusMinusImageLeaf = refImageObj As SftPictureObject
C#.NETSftPictureObject object.PlusMinusImageLeaf = refImageObj;
VC++ISftPictureObject* object->PlusMinusImageLeaf = refImageObj;
void object->PutPlusMinusImageLeaf(ISftPictureObject* refImageObj);
CHRESULT object->put_PlusMinusImageLeaf(ISftPictureObject* refImageObj);


A SftTreeItems object.


Defines the graphic used to display a leaf item's plus/minus graphic. Only bitmaps are supported (GDI+ images, icons, metafiles, ImageLists, etc. are not supported).


The PlusMinusImageLeaf property defines the graphic used to display a leaf item's plus/minus graphic.

The PlusMinusImageLeaf property is used to define the plus/minus graphic displayed for an item which doesn't have any dependents. All items which don't have any dependents will be displayed with this plus/minus graphic. Individual items cannot override the plus/minus graphic.

Plus/minus graphics are not shown until the properties Items.PlusMinusImageExpandable and Items.PlusMinusImageExpanded define valid graphics. The PlusMinusImageLeaf property is optional.

All graphics used in a tree control as Items.PlusMinusImageExpandable, Items.PlusMinusImageExpanded and PlusMinusImageLeaf properties at the same time must be the same size (height and width). The dimensions of the graphics are used to calculate the minimum dimension for items, so graphics used as plus/minus graphics are never clipped vertically. To change the plus/minus graphic size, the plus/minus graphics properties Items.PlusMinusImageExpandable, Items.PlusMinusImageExpanded and PlusMinusImageLeaf must be set to the value Nothing (NULL) before assigning new plus/minus graphics.

If an item is disabled (see Item.Enabled property), the plus/minus graphic is drawn in a "grayed" fashion, if it is based on a bitmap. Other image types, like color samples, .NET image objects, etc., must be explicitly replaced with a grayed image if a different rendering of a disabled image is desired.

The PlusMinusImageLeaf property can be set to the value Nothing (NULL).

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