SftTree/OCX 7.5 - ActiveX Tree Control


FocusIn Event, SftTree Object

The control receives the input focus.


VB.NETPrivate Sub object_FocusIn(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As EventArgumentType) Handles object.FocusIn
VBPrivate Sub object_FocusIn()
C#.NETvoid object_FocusIn(object sender, EventArgumentType e);
VC++void OnFocusInobject();
CHRESULT OnFocusInobject();


A SftTree object.


The FocusIn event occurs when the control receives the input focus.

Usually containers such as Visual Basic provide their own events which signal that a control receives or loses the input focus. .NET offers the Enter and Leave events, Visual Basic offers the GotFocus and LostFocus events and Visual C++ applications can handle the WM_SETFOCUS and WM_KILLFOCUS Windows messages (OnSetFocus and OnKillFocus). For containers where such a facility is not available, the FocusIn and FocusOut events can be used instead. It is preferable to use events or mechanisms offered by the container rather than the FocusIn or FocusOut events.

Changing the input focus to another control or window while handling this event is not supported (including display of message boxes).

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