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LoadPicture Method, SftTree Object

Loads a picture from a file/URL.


VB.NETrefPictureObj = object.LoadPicture(ByVal FileURL As String) As System.Drawing.Image
VBrefPictureObj = object.LoadPicture(ByVal FileURL As String) As IPictureDisp
C#.NETSystem.Drawing.Image refPictureObj = object.LoadPicture(string FileURL);
VC++IPictureDisp* refPictureObj = object->LoadPicture(_bstr_t FileURL);
CHRESULT object->raw_LoadPicture(BSTR FileURL, IPictureDisp** refPictureObj);


A SftTree object.


The filename or URL of a file containing a picture (bitmap, Windows metafile, icon, jpeg or gif format). A URL must start with "http://" in which case the picture is loaded from the specified location. Otherwise, FileURL defines the location of a file on the local file system.


Returns the graphic loaded from the specified file/URL FileURL. Nothing (NULL) is returned if the file/URL is inaccessible or if it is an invalid picture format.


The LoadPicture method loads a picture from a file/URL.

The specified filename FileURL can contain a bitmap, Windows metafile, icon, jpeg or gif image.

This method is mainly used with Internet Explorer to load pictures used as part of SftTree/OCX. Other environments usually offer picture, image or ImageList controls which can be used to hold pictures used by SftTree/OCX.

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