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Image Property, SftTreeFooter Object

Defines the graphic displayed in this column footer.



VB.NETrefImageObj = object.Image As SftPictureObject
VBSet refImageObj = object.Image As SftPictureObject
C#.NETSftPictureObject refImageObj = object.Image;
VC++ISftPictureObject* refImageObj = object->Image;
ISftPictureObject* refImageObj = object->GetImage();
CHRESULT object->get_Image(ISftPictureObject** refImageObj);


VB.NETobject.Image = refImageObj As SftPictureObject
VBobject.Image = refImageObj As SftPictureObject
C#.NETSftPictureObject object.Image = refImageObj;
VC++ISftPictureObject* object->Image = refImageObj;
void object->PutImage(ISftPictureObject* refImageObj);
CHRESULT object->put_Image(ISftPictureObject* refImageObj);


A SftTreeFooter object.


Defines the graphic displayed in this column footer.


The Image property defines the graphic displayed in this column footer.

All graphics used in a tree control as Image property at the same time must be the same size (height and width). The dimensions of the graphics are used to calculate the minimum dimension for the column footers, so graphics used as Image property are never clipped vertically. To change the column footer graphic size, all column footer graphics must be removed first by setting the Image property to Nothing (NULL) for each column before assigning new column footer graphics.

If the image object refImageObj defines a bitmap, the top, left pixel of the bitmap must contain the bitmap's background color. This color will be replaced throughout the bitmap with the actual background (see Bitmap Transparency).

If a column footer is disabled (see Footer.Enabled property), the graphic is drawn in a "grayed" fashion, if it is based on a bitmap. Other image types, like color samples, .NET image objects, etc., must be explicitly replaced with a grayed image if a different rendering of a disabled image is desired.

The Image property can be set to the value Nothing (NULL), which removes the graphic from the column footer.

The position of the column footer graphic is determined by the Footer.ImageHAlign, Footer.ImageVAlign and Footer.TextHAlign properties.

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