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DragMethod Property, SftTree Object

Defines how drag & drop is implemented.



VB.NETStyle = object.DragMethod As SftTreeDragMethodConstants
VBStyle = object.DragMethod As SftTreeDragMethodConstants
C#.NETSftTreeDragMethodConstants Style = object.DragMethod;
VC++enum SftTreeDragMethodConstants Style = object->DragMethod;
enum SftTreeDragMethodConstants Style = object->GetDragMethod();
CHRESULT object->get_DragMethod(enum SftTreeDragMethodConstants* Style);


VB.NETobject.DragMethod = Style As SftTreeDragMethodConstants
VBobject.DragMethod = Style As SftTreeDragMethodConstants
C#.NETSftTreeDragMethodConstants object.DragMethod = Style;
VC++enum SftTreeDragMethodConstants object->DragMethod = Style;
void object->PutDragMethod(enum SftTreeDragMethodConstants Style);
CHRESULT object->put_DragMethod(enum SftTreeDragMethodConstants Style);


A SftTree object.


Defines how drag & drop is implemented. When a drag & drop operation starts, the OLEStartDrag, DragStarting or AutoDragging events are generated, based on the DragMethod property settings.

dragSftTreeNone0Drag & drop is not supported.
dragSftTreeManual1Drag & drop is supported. A DragStarting event is generated. The application is responsible for drag & drop within and outside the tree control.
dragSftTreeAuto2Drag & drop is supported within the tree control. Drag & drop outside the tree control is not possible. The AutoDragging event is generated if a drag & drop operation starts.
dragSftTreeOLE3An OLE drag & drop operation is started automatically based on the DragType property settings.


The DragMethod property defines how drag & drop is implemented.

The DragType property determines when the OLEStartDrag, DragStarting or AutoDragging event is generated to notify the application that a drag & drop operation has been initiated by the user.

A drag & drop operation always starts at the current location described by the Items.Current property. It is the application's responsibility to visually implement the drag & drop operation.

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