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ColumnText Property, SftTree Object

Defines a column header's text.

Deprecated - Provided for compatibility with earlier versions only - Use Header.Text instead



VB.NETText = object.get_ColumnText(ByVal ColIndex As Short) As String
VBText = object.ColumnText(ByVal ColIndex As Integer) As String
C#.NETstring Text = object.get_ColumnText(short ColIndex);
VC++_bstr_t Text = object->ColumnText[short ColIndex];
_bstr_t Text = object->GetColumnText(short ColIndex);
CHRESULT object->get_ColumnText(short ColIndex, BSTR* Text);


VB.NETobject.set_ColumnText(ByVal ColIndex As Short, ByVal Text As String)
VBobject.ColumnText(ByVal ColIndex As Integer) = Text As String
C#.NETvoid object.set_ColumnText(short ColIndex, string Text);
VC++_bstr_t object->ColumnText[short ColIndex] = Text;
void object->PutColumnText(short ColIndex, _bstr_t Text);
CHRESULT object->put_ColumnText(short ColIndex, BSTR Text);


A SftTree object.


The zero-based column number.


Defines a column header's text.


Deprecated - Provided for compatibility with earlier versions only - Use Header.Text instead

The ColumnText property defines a column header's text.

The alignment of the column header text can be defined using the Header.TextHAlign and Header.TextVAlign properties.

The column header text may contain new-line characters (CR-LF) if multi-line header text is enabled (see Headers.Multiline).

If the column header text is empty, the column header of the preceding column may merge into the empty column header, based on the Column.Merge and Column.MergeInto property settings. The row/column header never merges into a column header.

When defining column header text using the Columns property page, any trailing empty lines are automatically removed. To preserve a trailing empty line, add a space character to the line.

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