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IndentationPix Property, SftTreeItems Object

Defines the indentation for item levels.



VB.NETIndentPix = object.IndentationPix As Integer
VBIndentPix = object.IndentationPix As Long
C#.NETint IndentPix = object.IndentationPix;
VC++long IndentPix = object->IndentationPix;
long IndentPix = object->GetIndentationPix();
CHRESULT object->get_IndentationPix(long* IndentPix);


VB.NETobject.IndentationPix = IndentPix As Integer
VBobject.IndentationPix = IndentPix As Long
C#.NETint object.IndentationPix = IndentPix;
VC++long object->IndentationPix = IndentPix;
void object->PutIndentationPix(long IndentPix);
CHRESULT object->put_IndentationPix(long IndentPix);


A SftTreeItems object.


Defines the indentation for item levels in pixels. If -1 is specified, the tree control determines the best indentation, based on item graphic width, font size, etc.


The IndentationPix property defines the indentation for item levels.

The Items.Indentation and IndentationPix methods are synonyms, but may use different coordinate systems.

Each item is indented the specified amount for each level.

It is possible to specify a very small value or even 0 for the level indentation. With such a small value, the hierarchy and its components, such as tree lines, expand/collapse buttons may no longer have sufficient space and must be turned off by the application.

The Items.ItemImageAlign property can be used to define the alignment of connecting tree lines, cell text and cell pictures.

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