SftTree/OCX 7.5 - ActiveX Tree Control


SftTreeItem Object (ISftTreeItem Interface)

The SftTreeItem object represents one item in a SftTree/OCX control. A SftTreeItem object for a particular item can be accessed through the control's Item property. Certain default properties and behavior for items can be defined using the SftTreeItems Object.

CellReturns a SftTreeCell object for a given cell.
ClearCellImagesRemoves the cell images from this item.
CollapseCollapses the item so its dependents are no longer visible.
DataDefines the item's application specific numeric value.
DataFloatDefines the item's application specific floating point value.
DataObjectDefines the item's application specific object value.
DataStringDefines the item's application specific string value.
DataTagDefines the item's application specific variant value.
DeleteDependentsDeletes the item's dependents.
DependentAllCountReturns the item's number of all dependents.
DependentCountReturns the item's number of immediate dependents.
EditIgnoreDefines whether the item is ignored for cell editing.
EnabledDefines whether the item is enabled.
ExpandExpands the item so its dependents become visible.
ExpandableDefines whether the item is expandable.
ExpandedDefines whether the item is expanded or collapsed.
FirstDependentReturns the item's first dependent.
FirstSiblingReturns the item's first sibling.
GetPositionReturns the coordinates of the item.
GetPositionPixReturns the coordinates of the item.
HeightReturns the item's height.
HeightPixReturns the item's height.
HideExpandCollapseButtonDefines whether the item's expand/collapse button is hidden.
IDDefines the item ID of the item.
IgnoreDefines whether the item is ignored for optimal column width and extent calculation.
ImageDefines the item graphic displayed in this item.
ItemIndexReturns the item index of this item.
LabelImageDefines the label graphic displayed in this item.
LastDependentReturns the item's last dependent.
LastSiblingReturns the item's last sibling.
LevelDefines the item's level number.
MakeVisibleVertically scrolls the item into view so it is displayed in the tree control's client area.
MaxHeightPixDefines the maximum height of the item.
MinHeightPixDefines the minimum height of the item.
NextShownReturns the index of the next visible item.
NextSiblingReturns the item's next sibling.
ParentReturns the item's parent item.
PrevShownReturns the index of the previous visible item.
PrevSiblingReturns the item's previous sibling.
RowHeaderReturns the item's SftTreeRowHeader object.
SelectedDefines whether the item is selected.
ShownDefines whether the item is shown.
TopParentReturns the item's top-most parent item.

See Also Object Hierarchy

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