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MinHeightPix Property, SftTreeItem Object

Defines the minimum height of the item.



VB.NETMinPix = object.MinHeightPix As Integer
VBMinPix = object.MinHeightPix As Long
C#.NETint MinPix = object.MinHeightPix;
VC++long MinPix = object->MinHeightPix;
long MinPix = object->GetMinHeightPix();
CHRESULT object->get_MinHeightPix(long* MinPix);


VB.NETobject.MinHeightPix = MinPix As Integer
VBobject.MinHeightPix = MinPix As Long
C#.NETint object.MinHeightPix = MinPix;
VC++long object->MinHeightPix = MinPix;
void object->PutMinHeightPix(long MinPix);
CHRESULT object->put_MinHeightPix(long MinPix);


A SftTreeItem object.


Defines the minimum height of the item in pixels. If 0 is specified, no minimum height is defined.


The MinHeightPix property defines the minimum height of the item.

If the item is smaller than the defined minimum height, it is extended and uses the defined minimum height.

This property has no effect when fixed height items are used (see Items.Style). The Items.MinHeightPix and Items.MaxHeightPix properties can be used for fixed height items to define the minimum and maximum height for all item.

The Items.Lines property can be used to define the number of text lines used for item height calculation.

The Item.MaxHeightPix property defines the maximum height of an item.



    AxSftTree1.get_Item(4).Cell(1).Text = ""

    ' Web Browser
    Dim Item As SftTreeItem = AxSftTree1.get_Item(5)
    Dim Cell As SftTreeCell = Item.Cell(1)
    Cell.AttachContentWindow(webBrowserPanel.Handle, SftTreeContentWindowStyleConstants.contentWindowSftTreeNone)
    Cell.Text = ""
    Item.MinHeightPix = 300 ' always exactly 300 pixels
    Item.MaxHeightPix = 300 ' always exactly 300 pixels

    ' Form
    Dim f As FormSmall = New FormSmall()
    AxSftTree1.get_Item(6).Cell(1).AttachContentWindow(f.Handle, SftTreeContentWindowStyleConstants.contentWindowSftTreeKeepSize)
    AxSftTree1.get_Item(6).Cell(1).Text = ""


    ' Web Browser
    WebBrowser1.Navigate "http://www.softelvdm.com"
    Dim Item As SftTreeItem
    Dim Cell As SftTreeCell
    Set Item = SftTree1.Item(5)
    Set Cell = Item.Cell(1)
    Cell.AttachContentWindow WebBrowserPictureBox.hWnd, contentWindowSftTreeNone
    Cell.Text = ""
    Item.MinHeightPix = 300 ' always exactly 300 pixels
    Item.MaxHeightPix = 300 ' always exactly 300 pixels

    SftTree1.RowHeaders.MakeOptimal ' Make row header width optimal, so text and pictures are not clipped horizontally.
    SftTree1.ColumnsObj.MakeOptimal ' Make all columns optimal

    ' Form
    Set SavedForm = New Form2


            axSftTree1.get_Item(4).get_Cell(1).Text = "";

            // Web Browser
            SftTreeItem Item= axSftTree1.get_Item(5);
            SftTreeCell Cell = Item.get_Cell(1);
            Cell.AttachContentWindow((long)webBrowserPanel.Handle, SftTreeContentWindowStyleConstants.contentWindowSftTreeNone);
            Cell.Text = "";
            Item.MinHeightPix = 300; // always exactly 300 pixels
            Item.MaxHeightPix = 300; // always exactly 300 pixels

            // Form
            FormSmall f = new FormSmall();
            axSftTree1.get_Item(6).get_Cell(1).AttachContentWindow((long)f.Handle, SftTreeContentWindowStyleConstants.contentWindowSftTreeKeepSize);
            axSftTree1.get_Item(6).get_Cell(1).Text = "";


    // Create the dialog containing the web browser control
    if (!m_IEDialog.Create(IDD_IE_DIALOG, &m_Tree) || !m_IEDialog.HaveWebBrowser()) {
         m_vTree->Item[5]->Cell[1]->Text = _T("Internet Explorer control could not be instantiated - maybe Internet Explorer is not installed\n\n")
                                  _T("Internet Explorer is available at www.microsoft.com.");
    } else {
        ISftTreeItemPtr pItem = m_vTree->Item[5];
        ISftTreeCellPtr pCell = pItem->Cell[1];
        pCell->Text = _T("Internet Explorer");
        pItem->MinHeightPix = 300; // always exactly 300 pixels
        pItem->MaxHeightPix = 300; // always exactly 300 pixels
        pCell->AttachContentWindow((int) m_IEDialog.m_hWnd, contentWindowSftTreeNone);

    // Simple Dialog

    // Create the dialog

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