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ForeColor Property, SftTreeRowHeader Object

Defines the row header's foreground color.



VB.NETClr = object.ForeColor As UInteger
VBClr = object.ForeColor As OLE_COLOR
C#.NETuint Clr = object.ForeColor;
VC++OLE_COLOR Clr = object->ForeColor;
OLE_COLOR Clr = object->GetForeColor();
CHRESULT object->get_ForeColor(OLE_COLOR* Clr);


VB.NETobject.ForeColor = Clr As UInteger
VBobject.ForeColor = Clr As OLE_COLOR
C#.NETuint object.ForeColor = Clr;
VC++OLE_COLOR object->ForeColor = Clr;
void object->PutForeColor(OLE_COLOR Clr);
CHRESULT object->put_ForeColor(OLE_COLOR Clr);


A SftTreeRowHeader object.


Defines the row header's foreground color. For information about color properties, please visit the applicable section "Using SftTree/OCX with ...".


The ForeColor property defines the row header's foreground color.

The row header has the foreground color attribute Clr. This color is used as foreground color when the item is not selected. If the item is selected, the RowHeader.SelectForeColor property is used instead.

When updating this property and the specified color Clr is the same value as the color currently defined using RowHeaders.ForeColor, the value -1 is saved, indicating that there is no defined color and default colors are used.

This property has no effect if Windows themes are used. The RowHeader.OverrideTheme property can be used to override Windows themes so defined colors are used instead.

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