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GetImage Method, SftPictureObject Object

Retrieves the picture object attributes defined as a GDI+ image.


VB.NETobject.GetImage(ByRef GDIPlusImage As Integer, ByRef Owned As Boolean)
VBobject.GetImage(GDIPlusImage As LONG_PTR, Owned As Boolean)
C#.NETvoid object.GetImage(out int GDIPlusImage, out bool Owned);
VC++HRESULT object->GetImage(LONG_PTR* GDIPlusImage, VARIANT_BOOL* Owned);
CHRESULT object->raw_GetImage(LONG_PTR* GDIPlusImage, VARIANT_BOOL* Owned);


A SftPictureObject object.


Returns a pointer to a Gdiplus::Image object.


Returns True if the GDI+ image is owned by the tree control, False otherwise.


The GetImage method retrieves the picture object attributes defined as a GDI+ image.

SetImage can be used to assign ownership of a GDI+ image to the tree control, so it automatically deletes the object when it is no longer needed. This is typically only used by C++ applications that have direct access to GDI+ classes.

If the current picture object is not based on a GDI+ image (SftPictureObject.Type other than sftTypeGDIPlus), the returned values are not valid.

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