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EndEdit Method, SftTree Object

Ends cell editing.


VB.NETInputValid = object.EndEdit(ByVal Validate As Boolean) As Boolean
VBInputValid = object.EndEdit(ByVal Validate As Boolean) As Boolean
C#.NETbool InputValid = object.EndEdit(bool Validate);
VC++VARIANT_BOOL InputValid = object->EndEdit(VARIANT_BOOL Validate);
CHRESULT object->raw_EndEdit(VARIANT_BOOL Validate, VARIANT_BOOL* InputValid);


A SftTree object.


Set to True to validate input data, False to skip input validation.


Returns True if cell editing has ended, False if it hasn't due to input validation (the application rejected the input data by setting the Cancel variable of the EditValidate (or AfterEdit) event to True. If Validate is False, EndEdit will always return True.


The EndEdit method ends cell editing.

If Validate is True, the EditValidate (and AfterEdit) event is generated to allow the application to process the input data. If Validate is False, the current data being edited is abandoned and the cell text remains unchanged.

The EndEdit method doesn't need to be called under normal circumstances. If the user clicks the mouse button outside the cell being edited, the tree control automatically generates an EditValidate (and AfterEdit) event. The EndEdit method can be used to end cell editing due to an external event, such as a timer event or other application specific events.

Cell editing can be started using the Cell.Edit method.

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