SftTree/OCX 7.5 - ActiveX Tree Control


Using SftTree/OCX with Other Development Tools

SftTree/OCX is designed according to the latest ActiveX standards and can be used with a wide variety of development tools. While these are not documented here, the product can be used with most development tools that support ActiveX controls. Most development tools document how to use an ActiveX control, so you should be able to find information specific to your development tool in its documentation.

While many development tools support ActiveX controls, some may encounter specific problems and restrictions. These can generally not be addressed by our control product. Cell editing and OLE drag & drop in particular may be limited or unavailable. Our product fully supports most popular languages, such as Visual Basic, VB.NET, C#, Visual C++, Microsoft Access, etc.

Visual FoxPro

Visual FoxPro has limited support for the ISimpleFrame interface which is required by our control for cell editing using ActiveX controls. Because our control is marked as requiring this interface, Visual FoxPro's behavior at design-time and run-time is not as desired. For this reason, the control marked "SftTree/OCX 7.5 Tree Control (NoContainer*)" must be used to avoid these problems.

Cell editing using ActiveX controls is not supported when using this control.

Other environments that do not support the ISimpleFrame interface must also use the control marked "SftTree/OCX 7.5 Tree Control (NoContainer*)".

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