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RubberbandSelection Property, SftTreeItems Object

Defines whether rubberband selection is enabled (multiple selection only).



VB.NETBoolean = object.RubberbandSelection As Boolean
VBBoolean = object.RubberbandSelection As Boolean
C#.NETbool Boolean = object.RubberbandSelection;
VC++VARIANT_BOOL Boolean = object->RubberbandSelection;
VARIANT_BOOL Boolean = object->GetRubberbandSelection();
CHRESULT object->get_RubberbandSelection(VARIANT_BOOL* Boolean);


VB.NETobject.RubberbandSelection = Boolean As Boolean
VBobject.RubberbandSelection = Boolean As Boolean
C#.NETbool object.RubberbandSelection = Boolean;
VC++VARIANT_BOOL object->RubberbandSelection = Boolean;
void object->PutRubberbandSelection(VARIANT_BOOL Boolean);
CHRESULT object->put_RubberbandSelection(VARIANT_BOOL Boolean);


A SftTreeItems object.


Defines whether rubberband selection is enabled (multiple selection only).

TrueEnables click-drag selection of multiple items using a selection rectangle.
FalseClick-drag selection of multiple items using a selection rectangle is not available.


The RubberbandSelection property defines whether rubberband selection is enabled (multiple selection only).

In a single selection tree control this property has no effect. Click-drag selection is only available in a multiple selection tree control and only if Items.SelectStyle is set to selectSftTreeCell1, selectSftTreeCellCurrent or selectSftTreeCell1Full. If Items.SelectStyle is set to selectSftTreeCellCurrent, click-dragging cannot start in the first column, it must be initiated from another column.

Click-drag selection with a "rubberband" selection rectangle can be initiated by pressing the mouse button on the cell background (not the cell text) of a cell and dragging the mouse cursor. All items between the starting and ending point are selected. If the mouse cursor approaches the edge of the tree control, scrolling will start, allowing selection of additional items. Once the mouse button is released, the currently selected items remain selected.

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