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EdgeVerticalColor Property, SftTreeFooters Object

Defines the color used to draw all vertical edges around headers/footers.



VB.NETClr = object.EdgeVerticalColor As UInteger
VBClr = object.EdgeVerticalColor As OLE_COLOR
C#.NETuint Clr = object.EdgeVerticalColor;
VC++OLE_COLOR Clr = object->EdgeVerticalColor;
OLE_COLOR Clr = object->GetEdgeVerticalColor();
CHRESULT object->get_EdgeVerticalColor(OLE_COLOR* Clr);


VB.NETobject.EdgeVerticalColor = Clr As UInteger
VBobject.EdgeVerticalColor = Clr As OLE_COLOR
C#.NETuint object.EdgeVerticalColor = Clr;
VC++OLE_COLOR object->EdgeVerticalColor = Clr;
void object->PutEdgeVerticalColor(OLE_COLOR Clr);
CHRESULT object->put_EdgeVerticalColor(OLE_COLOR Clr);


A SftTreeFooters object.


Defines the color used to draw all vertical edges around headers/footers. For information about color properties, please visit the applicable section "Using SftTree/OCX with ...".


The EdgeVerticalColor property defines the color used to draw all vertical edges around headers/footers.

Column headers, column footers, row headers, row/column headers and row/column footers have numerous color properties to define their appearance. The colors defined using EdgeHorizontalColor and EdgeVerticalColor are not part of the headers or footers. They are used to separate display elements from each each other. The EdgeVerticalColor property is used to the right of each column header to separate individual column headers, to the right of row headers, to the right of the row/column header and row/column footer. The EdgeHorizontalColor property is used below each column header, below each row header, below the row/column header and above the row/column footer and column footers.

While many objects have an EdgeVerticalColor and EdgeHorizontalColor property (like Headers, Footers, Items, RowHeaders, RowColumnHeader, RowColumnFooter), they are all synonyms and by changing one property value, all objects will reflect the new color value.

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