SftTree/OCX 7.5 - ActiveX Tree Control


Row Headers

The optional row headers are available for single- and multi-column trees, with labeled buttons or just titles (see RowHeaders.Appearance). The header or button labels may be left or right adjusted or centered within the available width (see RowHeaders.TextHAlign and RowHeaders.TextVAlign, RowHeader.TextHAlign and RowHeader.TextVAlign). Row headers can contain graphics (see RowHeader.Image and RowHeader.ImageHAlign and RowHeader.ImageVAlign). Row header text is defined using the RowHeader.Text property.

The built-in row headers offered by SftTree/OCX support one or multiple lines of text for each item and one graphic for each item (see RowHeaders.Lines).

In a fixed height tree control all graphics must be the same height and width for all items. In a variable height tree control, the row header graphics can be of varying height and width.

If a user clicks on a row header, the application receives an ItemClick or ItemDblClick event.

Row header buttons reflect the currently selected items (see Items.Selection and RowHeaders.RemainUp).

Tree Components

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