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Move Method, SftTreeColumns Object

Moves a column to a new position.


VB.NETobject.Move(ByVal FromDisplayColumn As Short, ByVal ToDisplayColumn As Short)
VBobject.Move(ByVal FromDisplayColumn As Integer, ByVal ToDisplayColumn As Integer)
C#.NETvoid object.Move(short FromDisplayColumn, short ToDisplayColumn);
VC++HRESULT object->Move(short FromDisplayColumn, short ToDisplayColumn);
CHRESULT object->raw_Move(short FromDisplayColumn, short ToDisplayColumn);


A SftTreeColumns object.


The zero-based column number to be moved.


The zero-based column number of the position where the column is to be inserted. If ToDisplayColumn is -1, the column will be moved to the end and become the last column.


The Move method moves a column to a new position.

The Move method moves the entire column, including all attributes and contents.

While most other methods, events and properties use real column numbers, the Move method requires the use of display column numbers. The first displayed column number can be retrieved using the ColumnsObj.FirstDisplayColumn property. The last displayed column number is described by the ColumnsObj.LastDisplayColumn property. The ColumnsObj.Count property returns the number of columns defined.

Even hidden columns (Column.Width is 0) can be moved using the Move method.

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