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Width Property, SftTreeRowHeaders Object

Defines the width of the row header area.



VB.NETW = object.Width As Single
VBW = object.Width As Single
C#.NETfloat W = object.Width;
VC++float W = object->Width;
float W = object->GetWidth();
CHRESULT object->get_Width(float* W);


VB.NETobject.Width = W As Single
VBobject.Width = W As Single
C#.NETfloat object.Width = W;
VC++float object->Width = W;
void object->PutWidth(float W);
CHRESULT object->put_Width(float W);


A SftTreeRowHeaders object.


Defines the width of the row header area. The units used depend on the container (Visual Basic, Visual C++, etc.) and the coordinate system used.


The Width property defines the width of the row header area.

The Width and RowHeaders.WidthPix properties are synonyms, but may use different coordinate systems.

The Width property is used to change the width of the row header, row/column header and row/column footer area.

The RowHeaders.OptimalWidth or RowHeaders.MakeOptimal methods can be used to calculate or define the optimal width for the row headers (and row/column headers, row/column footers). An optimal width allows all text and graphic components in the row headers to be displayed in their entirety, without being clipped.

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