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DropHighlightStyle Property, SftTreeItems Object

Defines the style used to display the drop target of a drag & drop operation.



VB.NETStyle = object.DropHighlightStyle As SftTreeDropHighlightStyleConstants
VBStyle = object.DropHighlightStyle As SftTreeDropHighlightStyleConstants
C#.NETSftTreeDropHighlightStyleConstants Style = object.DropHighlightStyle;
VC++enum SftTreeDropHighlightStyleConstants Style = object->DropHighlightStyle;
enum SftTreeDropHighlightStyleConstants Style = object->GetDropHighlightStyle();
CHRESULT object->get_DropHighlightStyle(enum SftTreeDropHighlightStyleConstants* Style);


VB.NETobject.DropHighlightStyle = Style As SftTreeDropHighlightStyleConstants
VBobject.DropHighlightStyle = Style As SftTreeDropHighlightStyleConstants
C#.NETSftTreeDropHighlightStyleConstants object.DropHighlightStyle = Style;
VC++enum SftTreeDropHighlightStyleConstants object->DropHighlightStyle = Style;
void object->PutDropHighlightStyle(enum SftTreeDropHighlightStyleConstants Style);
CHRESULT object->put_DropHighlightStyle(enum SftTreeDropHighlightStyleConstants Style);


A SftTreeItems object.


Defines the style used to display the drop target of a drag & drop operation.

dropSftTreeCaret0The drag & drop target is the current item. The Items.Current property is updated and set to the drop target. The drop target becomes the new current item. The target item is not selected, so even in a single selection tree control (see Items.MultiSelect property), the Items.Current property value and the Items.Selection property value are not identical.
dropSftTreeOnTop1The drag & drop target is highlighted using the color defined using the Items.DropHighlightColor property. The color is used as background color for the target item. The Items.Current property is not updated.
dropSftTreeBetween2The drag & drop target is highlighted using a solid line drawn using the color defined by the Items.DropHighlightColor property. The line is drawn before the target item, interpreting the Items.DropHighlight property as the insertion point. The Items.Current property is not updated.


The DropHighlightStyle property defines the style used to display the drop target of a drag & drop operation.

The Items.SelectStyle and Items.NoFocusStyle properties work in conjunction with the Items.OutlineStyle property to determine the exact appearance of drop target items. The highlighted portion of a drop target is rendered using the outline style defined by the Items.OutlineStyle property.

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