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OLESetData Event, SftTree Object

OLE drag & drop data needs to be provided.


VB.NETPrivate Sub object_OLESetData(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As EventArgumentType) Handles object.OLESetData
VBPrivate Sub object_OLESetData(Data As DataObject, Format As Integer)
C#.NETvoid object_OLESetData(object sender, EventArgumentType e);
VC++void OnOLESetDataobject(struct IVDMDataObject** Data, short* Format);
CHRESULT OnOLESetDataobject(struct IVDMDataObject** Data, short* Format);


A SftTree object.


A DataObject object used to define formats that the source provides and optionally, the data for those formats. If no data is contained in the DataObject Data, it is provided when the target control calls the DataObject.GetData method and you should provide the values for the Data parameter.


Defines the format of the data that the target component is requesting. The source component uses this value to determine what to load into the DataObject object.


The OLESetData event occurs when OLE drag & drop data needs to be provided.

In certain cases, you may wish to defer loading data into the DataObject object of a source component to save time, especially if the source component supports many formats. This event allows the source to respond to only one request for a given format of data. When this event is called, the source should check the Format parameter to determine what needs to be loaded and then perform the DataObject.SetData method on the DataObject object to load the data which is then passed back to the target component.

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