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DisabledItemsSelectable Property, SftTreeItems Object

Defines whether disabled items can be selected by the end-user.



VB.NETBoolean = object.DisabledItemsSelectable As Boolean
VBBoolean = object.DisabledItemsSelectable As Boolean
C#.NETbool Boolean = object.DisabledItemsSelectable;
VC++VARIANT_BOOL Boolean = object->DisabledItemsSelectable;
VARIANT_BOOL Boolean = object->GetDisabledItemsSelectable();
CHRESULT object->get_DisabledItemsSelectable(VARIANT_BOOL* Boolean);


VB.NETobject.DisabledItemsSelectable = Boolean As Boolean
VBobject.DisabledItemsSelectable = Boolean As Boolean
C#.NETbool object.DisabledItemsSelectable = Boolean;
VC++VARIANT_BOOL object->DisabledItemsSelectable = Boolean;
void object->PutDisabledItemsSelectable(VARIANT_BOOL Boolean);
CHRESULT object->put_DisabledItemsSelectable(VARIANT_BOOL Boolean);


A SftTreeItems object.


Defines whether disabled items can be selected by the end-user.

TrueEnabled and disabled items are equally selectable by the end-user.
FalseOnly enabled items are selectable by the end-user. Events such as the ItemClick event and others associated with item selection no longer occur for disabled items, if the DisabledItemsSelectable property is set to False.


The DisabledItemsSelectable property defines whether disabled items can be selected by the end-user.

The Item.Enabled property defines whether an item is enabled.

Items can always be selected by an application. DisabledItemsSelectable only controls whether the end-user can select an item. The visual appearance of a disabled selected item doesn't necessarily show the item as selected, since it is disabled, but the Item.Selected properly reflects the selection status.

Properties and methods returning the selected item(s) like (Items.SelectionCount, Items.SelectionGroups, Items.SelectionGroupStart, Items.SelectionGroupEnd) may include disabled items, even if DisabledItemsSelectable is used. The Item.Enabled property can be used to test whether an item is enabled.

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